• can we create beauty from pollution&noise?
  • can we create music from the movement of transit systems?
  • can a 3-lane road be audibly represented by a single 3-string instrument
  • eg. dulcimer, balalaika; or a 6-lane road by a 6-string guitar?

  • can we attach a separate instrument per lane of traffic?
  • can we integrate natural/regional sounds?
  • can we create something more resonate?
  • can we tune a handpan to 432Hz?


  • in Prokofiev’s ‘Peter and the Wolf’, each character of the tale is represented by a different instrument
  • similar to the tines of a music box or the punched holes of a music roll, each vehicle passing a fixed point (?overpass?) triggers a preset tone. can we create something tuneful from randomness?
  • an interactive, open source, non-profit sound project

(chord = 2+ notes played together = multiple vehicles passing a fixed point simultaneously)

instrument selection

version 2.0

hand pan

?note/key selection?

note length selection

(proportional to length of vehicle)

transit/semi     1/2 - 1 note

van     1/4 - 1/2 note

car     1/8 - 1/4 note

motorcycle     break - 1/8 note

?pitch selection?

speed of vehicle


possible preset

pitch lower  higher 
preset note/chordFDBflatGEC
instrumentflutetrumpetclarinettenor saxtrombonebassoon

note length

transit/semi trucks     1 note

van       1/2 note

car       1/4 note

motorcycle      1/8 note

proof of concept version 2.0

preset 1 instrument - handpan tuned to (>>>>???>>>>)

can we find a melody when we tune to 432hz ?


  • pitch varies in proportion to vehicle speed?
  • live feed into a public venue for an interactive, non-profit music display?
  • melodious: smooth out note or chord, stretch chord, reverb or speed up film/sound?
  • do we need rhythm?
  • can color of vehicle define tone, key or chord?
  • changing lanes “passing note”?
  • integrate natural/ethnic/regional sounds?

*if you have an instrument suggestion, let us know...